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I’m MOHAMMED RIZAM a Freelance Digital Marketer in Kannur ,Kerala. I assist small and large-scale businesses to achieve their goal of increasing revenue through online presence by providing the best and most recent online advertising strategies. As an expert freelance digital marketer, I assure you that I can help you reach a wider audience with my services like SEO, SMM, SEM, e-mail marketing, web designing, and content marketing. I have earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from Pondicherry University. In Addition, I completed a Digital Marketing course at Calicut Digital Academy and finished Internship at Quadcubes.

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Digital marketing simply refers to advertising using the Internet and digital platforms. It is also known as “online promoting”. A Freelance digital marketer uses digital tools to communicate with users and is less expensive than traditional ads and reaches a wider audience.


It's not as easy as it seems to promote yourself online. An expert freelance digital marketer can identify and use the most effective tactic. He or she carries out research, creates, and disseminates strategic plans to assist the business in achieving its objectives.


Digital marketing service by freelance digital marketer in Kannur


The process of promotion of a business or a product on the internet to attract a wider audience is known as digital marketing. As a freelance digital marketer, I can help you to gain a whole new form of customers. This can boost your total business.

seo service by freelance digital marketer in kannur


The technique of increasing your site's visibility through search engine optimization involves placing it at the top of the search engine result page. I can help you rank at the top by adhering to Google's standards as a freelance digital marketer.

Web designing service by freelance digital marketer in Kannur


Creating and designing a website is an important part of every business in a digital world. as an experienced web designer I can help attractively design your website to create more visitors to the site and increase the number of leads.

Content marketing service by freelance digital marketer in Kannur


The process of Creating, producing and distributing relevant and valuable content is known as content marketing. Content marketing assists in enchanting, involving and maintain the targeted audience.

Social media marketing service by freelance digital marketer in Kannur


Social media marketing (SMM) is the use of social media channels to raise your company's visibility. Being an expert in social media marketing, I can help you to become more visible by using appropriate tools.

Branding service by freelance digital marketer in Kannur


Presenting appealing names, logos, designs, etc. can boost a company's worth and make it easier to win the audience's trust. I can help your company reach a new market by enhancing its visual appeal as a skilled branding consultant.

“ It’s Not What You Sell That Matters As Much As How You Sell It ! ” 

— Brian Halligan 



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